Without Career Ready I would be coming to the end of college with no real ambitions or motivation. I wouldn’t be going to university, especially anywhere away from home, and I wouldn’t feel confident in my own abilities. 

Megan Harrington, Cardiff and Vale College

All our programmes are based around a structured series of masterclasses delivered by employers in schools. Career Ready provides the materials for these interactive sessions, including template presentations, speaker guides and follow-up activities for teachers.

The masterclass series gives students invaluable information and advice directly from an employer perspective.  They help students to grow their confidence and employability skills. At the same time they support students in developing the skills and know how to then secure their first position.

Laura Daniel, Career Ready Coordinator, Cirencester College

Schools on our Masterclass Programme also get a comprehensive set of Skills for Career Success learning outcomes, a Skills Identifier to track student progress and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on topics such as new 18+ career routes and how best to work with employers. You can start the Masterclass Programme at any time in the academic year. It also serves as an introduction to the core Career Ready programme.

Having exposure to businesses helps our students to gain important employability skills. They gain confidence when they are pushed out of their comfort zone.

Bernadette Edge, Career Ready Coordinator, Longley Park Sixth Form College

The core Career Ready programme offers intensive engagement through three additional elements - mentoring, workplace visits and access to work placements. These experiences help young people develop the skills they need for a career in an area linked to their academic studies or interests.

Schools and Colleges can choose from a range of course themes including:

  • Business 
  • Finance
  • STEM
  • Logistics
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Health & Social Care
  • Law
  • Construction
  • Creative & Media
  • Travel, Hospitality & Tourism

But it is the way that classroom learning is married to direct contact with the workplace and employers that makes the Career Ready programme stand out.

Your students will be leaving the classroom for one-to-one mentoring, workplace visits and work placements. This means that your curriculum must be flexible and also allow for employer volunteers to visit your school or college to deliver masterclasses.

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At the heart of the Career Ready management structure is the LAB (Local Advisory Board). This is made up of local employers and members of your school or college staff. Our Regional Manager works with you to recruit the members of your LAB, which will help to deliver and develop your Career Ready programme.

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In a classroom you learn about techniques used by businesses but never see them put into action. Career Ready is a great way to get out of the classroom and get some real life experience.

George Lawrance, graduate Windsor Boys' School, now completing an apprenticeship at Winshaw

Starting a Career Ready programme takes planning and a willingness to meet certain requirements so that we can ensure consistency and quality for all Career Ready students. However, the benefits to your students, the raising of your school’s profile and the networks you will create with local employers, will make the effort worthwhile.

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