Career Ready gives 16-19 year olds the skills and knowledge they need to enter the world of work.

It is a two-year programme that sits alongside their chosen school or college subjects and is supported nationwide by some of the biggest names in British business.

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Career Ready has been a brilliant experience for Hashim. It's opened so many doors for him; he's learnt that he can talk to anyone. Kids who grow up in an area like this don't always get the opportunities they deserve. But if you have the right support from home and college, there's no reason why the world isn't your oyster.

Hashim's Mum, Nassim

Career Ready students have the opportunity to experience the world of work through:

  • Workplace visits and workshops
  • One-to-one mentoring with a business professional
  • Masterclasses from a range of employers
  • Networking events
  • Internships, working in a company

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Working with our schools, colleges and employer partners we encourage our students to step outside their comfort zone. That’s not easy for anyone, so your parental support is invaluable in helping your child get the most from Career Ready. But it’s worth it to see how your child can flourish.

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Ayo has become a more positive and confident young man. The networking events and masterclasses have encouraged him to grasp opportunities with both hands, and the mentoring programme has opened up so many doors for him. Meeting other young people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures has lead him to understand and respect others - the positive peer pressure has been amazing.

Ayo's Mum, Deborah 

The internship (often paid) is your child’s chance to work at a company for 4-6 weeks in the summer. A Career Ready internship can be a life-changing experience, giving your child a real taste of the world of work. You will need to think about how this fits into your family’s holiday plans, but with forward planning and assistance from you throughout the programme, you will give your child every chance to achieve their goals. Over 95% of Career Ready students go on to Higher Education or directly into employment or work based learning such as apprenticeships or school leaver programmes.

Both my daughters are now more confident and have a clear vision of what they want from their lives. I would definitely recommend it.

Agne and Leva's Mum, Remigija

And if you want to get even more involved there are always opportunities to provide internships, become a mentor, give a masterclass, organise a visit to your workplace or join a Career Ready LAB (Local Advisory Board).

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