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Career Ready gives my students more ownership of their destiny than anything else I’ve ever put them on.

Denise Crawford, Deputy Head Teacher, Cleveden Secondary School, Glasgow

Career Ready gives you the chance to transform your students’ lives by providing them with the real-life skills and knowledge they need for work.  In England we offer two employer engagement programmes.

Our Masterclass Programme offers a structured programme of employer-led careers education for students aged 11-18. It helps students to develop the key Skills for Career Success they will need for the workplace. The masterclasses are interactive and designed to be delivered by employers in the classroom. They can be embedded into the tutorial or PSHE framework.

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Career Ready allows us to keep up-to-date with what local employers are looking for when recruiting new employees. We can keep abreast of all the changes going on in the local area and offer our students up-to-date information regarding job opportunities and apprenticeships.

Emma Swinburn, Coordinator, Franklin College in Grimsby 

Our masterclasses also form part of our core Career Ready programme, aimed at 16-19 years-olds. This runs alongside your students’ studies. In addition to the masterclasses, your students will have one-to-one mentoring, workplace visits and access to work placements. All are mapped to the Skills for Career Success learning outcomes. Our Skills Identifier helps track student progress. 

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The Career Ready experience can have a transformational effect on students and the way schools and employers work together. Students gain in confidence, while local employers are often keen to widen their engagement with schools. 

It’s important that students think outside the obvious roles. At AstraZeneca, in addition to the Bioscientists and chemists, we need engineers,  accountants, logistics, marketeers and much more. Businesses can help schools to understand their industry better

Colin Bath, Site Leadership Team at AstraZeneca Alderley Edge  

Partnering with Career Ready can help you raise your profile in the local community, and we find that students are attracted to schools and colleges that run Career Ready programmes.

We engage with a very wide range of employers from small, local businesses to multi-nationals and have over ten years’ experience of bringing schools and employers together to prepare young people for the world of work.

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The impact of the Career Ready programme on the students involved is huge – but the impact goes far wider than that. We encourage other sixth form students to join us on visits to workplaces, and to benefit from the application and interview process, even if they do not join the programme.

Kate Forrest, Assistant Head Teacher, West Derby School

Career Ready is cited as an example of best practice for employer engagement in the latest government guidance for both schools and colleges. 

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