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My head teacher is extremely supportive of all the work we do with Career Ready. It is so important to have that support.

Margaret O’Neill, Director of Learning, All Saints Catholic High School, Knowsley

When you join Career Ready, you are committing to a partnership with us. We provide resources, including the support of a regional manager, employer contacts, and materials, which together  build a proven framework for success to transform your students’ lives. To provide this service, we charge a one-off joining fee and then an annual fee for students on the programme.

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You will also need to commit time and resources to run the programme successfully. Essential to this is appointing a programme coordinator, who needs to be given enough time to do the job. Your coordinator will be the main point of contact between you, your LAB and your Career Ready Regional Manager. 

At Career Ready we have a network of Regional Managers, who are the first point of contact for the schools and colleges partnering with us. Your Regional Manager will help you set up and run the programme and use their knowledge of your area to recruit local employers.

Meanwhile, our head office team can connect you to national employer supporters, programme resources and volunteer support. We will also link you to a UK-wide network of schools and colleges, so that you can be at the heart of the national conversation on the future of careers advice and employer engagement.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is about making sure the programme delivers the highest possible experience for students. It’s about supporting and improving their employability chances and making you stand out in this field.

Jenny Barber, Director of Programmes, Career Ready

Quality Assurance is one of the reasons why the Career Ready programme has been so successful. It is built into our programme so that every aspect of the service is monitored. This ensures that your students get the best chance to acquire our Skills for Career Success, while you build a reputation as a centre of excellence, whose students go on to good jobs or university. It also helps us ensure national consistency and spread good practice. 

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