STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths)

The STEM sectors are vitally important for the future success of our country. At Career Ready we are very focused on increasing the number of STEM centres and engaging with a wider range of STEM employers and organisations to ensure students are fully aware of the fantastic range of career opportunities available to them via apprenticeships, jobs and degree programmes. 


Ian Nichol, National STEM Development Manager, Career Ready

Career Ready is committed to increasing the numbers of young people, particularly girls, going into careers in science, technology and engineering.

Thanks to the support of our strategic partners AstraZeneca, we have 47 STEM programmes in schools and colleges across the UK supported by volunteers from STEM industries inspiring and equipping our students for future career success.

I believe it’s important that students think outside the obvious roles. At AstraZeneca, in addition to the Bioscientists and chemists, we need engineers, IT, accountants, logistics, marketing and much more to bring a new medicine to market. Businesses can help schools to understand their industry better.

Colin Bath, Site Leadership Team at AstraZeneca Alderley Edge

There are currently more than 800 students studying STEM subjects and undertaking the Career Ready programme. Of the 252 students graduating from the programme in 2015, 35 per cent  are girls. We are a signatory to the Your Life campaign to encourage more girls to take up STEM careers.

Having more STEM graduates means more development, more opportunities and more highly skilled employees. Completing a STEM Career Ready programme made me realise that there are hundreds of opportunities in this field.

Maria Mehwish, student, Colchester Institute and AstraZeneca Award finalist

This year Rudo Chawasarira was one of three Career Ready students chosen for the prestigious HeadStart engineering programme.  Ian Nichol, our National STEM Development Manager sits on one of the government’s three Perkins Engineering Review taskforce groups.

Going into this internship I felt uneasy as I was unsure about what a career in the NHS would entail. It may sound inconsequential, but seeing or hearing a patient angry and seeing them leave happy have been the most inspiring and gratifying moments for me. 

Hafsa Ahmed, Career Ready student, Haverstock School

This year sees the launch of the AstraZeneca STEM awards for the students who have been transformed by their experience on the programme and could inspire future students to follow the same path. The three winners will visit the Large Hadron Collider in CERN.

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