Programme Outcomes

The impact on our young people's development has been transformational. This is a great example of how employers can successfully contribute to the senior phase of a Curriculum for Excellence.

Karen Prophet, Senior Education Manager, Edinburgh City Council

I am pursuing a career in engineering because I want to be part of the technology that keeps improving people’s lives. Thanks to the Career Ready programme I now know my strengths and weaknesses, as well as what I need to do to overcome them.


Johenny King Puente, Lambeth College, AstraZeneca finalist

At Career Ready, we are always happy to be judged on the outcomes of our programmes. We have over a decade of experience delivering initiatives that work.

The results speak for themselves – 85% of Career Ready students go into higher or further education or directly into employment via apprenticeships or school leaver programmes .

But the outcomes beyond the statistics are the ones that have the greatest impact.


There is nothing quite like seeing the transformation in confidence, attitude and outlook that a Career Ready course can bring.

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Schools and colleges report that partnering with Career Ready shows them to be forward thinking, raises their standing in the local community and helps them to meet their OFSTED careers requirements. This, in turn, leads to students and parents choosing their school or college specifically to access the Career Ready programme.


Running a Career Ready programme improves your links with local employers who actively want to engage with you. This has beneficial results for the whole school or college, not just for students on the Career Ready programme.

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A Career Ready programme can have positive effects on younger pupils too. Their perceptions of what they can achieve change as they see their older peers progress from education into good jobs. Their aspirations are raised as they see what students just like them can achieve.

Ultimately, that’s the outcome we are always striving for.

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