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I have really strong employer engagement through my Local Advisory Board. We meet once a term and discuss how they can support what we do – from getting their staff involved as mentors to providing internships. From their perspective it’s a chance to try before you buy and it’s fantastic to be in a position now where our students are going on to work for the companies who gave them internships.

Geoff Evans, Head of Professional and Financial Services, FutureSkills - part of Salford City College

A Career Ready LAB (Local Advisory Board) is the essential link between your school or college and local employers. It consists of a group of business people and at least one member of your staff.
The LAB meets a minimum of three times a year and its members act as expert guides, helping you to set up and deliver your Career Ready programme. LAB members ensure that students get the relevant skills for the modern workplace.
LAB members also help to deliver every aspect of the programme, acting as volunteers themselves and using their networks to find suitable mentors, people to deliver masterclasses, and employers to offer workplace visits and internships.

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The LAB is a central point through which all communication takes place and we work together to agree our plans for the future. As business leaders from the local area, they provide a lot of support in engaging other local employers to work with our students.

Margaret O’Neill, All Saints Catholic High School, Merseyside

Your Career Ready LAB will help to embed employer engagement throughout your school or college. This gives you tangible benefits that extend beyond your Career Ready students.

An active LAB is a vital component in your work to transform the lives of young people with Career Ready.

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