Career Ready has opened up opportunities for our students. While previous mentoring programmes haven’t been sustainable, this model works.

Olivia Cole, Principal, Petchey Academy in London

Our Career Ready students have an elevated status within the school due to the activities and opportunities they are involved in and this really helps to inspire others.

Kate Forrest, Assistant Headteacher and Career Ready Coordinator, West Derby School

Chloe has developed from being a shy and quite insecure person to someone who enjoys talking in public impressively. She is now an ambassador for the school and is proof of the difference Career Ready can make.

Susan Cook, Deputy Head Teacher, Leith Academy

All our activities are built on eight Skills for Career Success, the key attributes identified with our employer supporters as crucial for workplace success. They include sections such as Managing Myself and Communication & Networking and are written in language students understand. Student progress against these skills can be tracked on our Skills Identifier. 


All our programmes include a structured series of masterclasses, mapped to the Skills for Career Success. These are delivered by employers in the classroom with follow-up activities for teachers. Having business people come into their world often has a dynamic effect on students.

The core Career Ready programme also includes the following:


Every Career Ready Student is partnered with a mentor, an employer volunteer who acts as their sounding board, guide and critical friend. They will meet regularly over 12 months from January to December to discuss workplace skills, career options and share their mentor’s real life experiences. To be able to get advice and support from someone who has ‘been there and done that’ is invaluable.

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Workplace Visits and Workshops

A workplace visit, culminating in a workshop may well give your students their first chance to go to a workplace. Seeing how a business works at first hand can be an unforgettable experience and really spurs students on in their studies.

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Work placements

The work placements give your students an experience they’ll never forget. They will be able to use their newfound skills, get to grips with the workplace and often discover resources of courage, determination and ingenuity they never thought they had. They also learn the importance of turning up on time every day.

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