This was the first masterclass I had delivered and I was nervous, but it was extremely rewarding to know that all the preparation I’d put in was worthwhile because it resonated with the students. I felt proud to be making a difference and helping others.

Sonia Lucas, Manager of Retail Service Delivery, Lloyds Banking Group

The Masterclass programme

This is the chance for you, as a volunteer, to meet students in their schools or colleges and talk to them directly about your experience and expertise. Our masterclasses are structured to deliver the key Skills for Career Success, which underpin the Career Ready programme.  So students gain practical and current employment knowledge as well as inspiration from you. Delivering a masterclass will also give you a feel for the students – what they know, how they think and the way they view work.

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We provide templates for our series of masterclasses, which run in a sequence, each one building on the last. They give you the space to talk about your own career journey and a structure for delivering core masterclass information. The choice of masterclasses is wide – from networking and communication to personal branding and interview success – and can choose the session best suited to your expertise.

It’s a refreshing challenge to engage with and hold the attention of a group of young people and we provide some top tips to support you. The boardroom may never daunt you again.

The masterclass series gives my students invaluable information and advice directly from an employer perspective.  They help students to grow their confidence and employability skills.  At the same time they support students in developing the skills and know-how to then secure their first position.

Laura Daniel, Coordinator, Cirencester College


It’s a precious commodity in the modern workplace, especially for more senior managers. Each masterclass is scheduled to last approximate one hour and a half, so you can share your knowledge and have a maximum impact on young minds in a minimum amount of time.

Whether it’s a one-off, once a year or more regular activity, you will find that delivering a masterclass is the perfect way for you to broaden the work horizons of bright young people in your area and get them interested in your business.

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