A Career Ready LAB (Local Advisory Board) is where you can have a real impact in transforming the lives of young people in your area.

The LAB is a group of local business people and teaching staff, who drive the Career Ready programme and provide the essential link between the school or college and the local business community.

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Our role on the LAB is not only to support the school or college in
the management and development of the programme, but also to provide a vital link 
to the wider business community. We use our networks to help the school develop relationships with other employers who will provide mentors, internships, workplace visits and masterclasses.

Dave Davies, Director of Debt Finance at Barclays and chair of a West Midlands college LAB

Each Career Ready centre or cluster of centres has its own LAB, which meets at least three times a year.

As a member, you will have a specific role in addition to a real say in the curriculum and how the programme is delivered, so you can ensure that it meets the current skills requirements of the workplace.

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The LAB is right at the heart of a Career Ready programme, giving you the chance to network with local employers while also connecting new businesses with your chosen school or college.

This programme gives you the opportunity to pass on some of your experience and knowledge to young people and help them in developing a career for themselves. You also get to meet with fellow employers and organisations in your area. By putting something back into your own industry it makes it even more rewarding.

Jim French, Director of PD Portcentric Logistics at PD Ports and LAB Chair at Stockton Riverside College in Teesside

You will help to develop all aspects of the programme including mentoring, masterclasses, workplace visits and internships. That’s why joining a LAB is such a powerful way for employers to engage with education.

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