Developing skills through volunteering

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We know your time is precious. That’s why Career Ready offers a range of flexible volunteering roles, all of which help transform our students’ lives.

Choose from short-term to longer-term commitments to suit your schedule and business.Whatever volunteer role you decide to take, as you guide students on their journeys to the world of work, you will find that you and your colleagues are also on a unique journey of development.

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Spending time with someone who wants to achieve something and is like a sponge to learn about the world of work it's extremely rewarding. It’s also motivating to see a young person go into the world to do what they set out to do.

Helen Leggat, Training and Competence Manager, Santander

As a Career Ready mentor, you work one-to-one with a student and can have a real impact on their development. Meeting regularly over a 12 month period from January to December, you support their studies with advice and real life experience. It’s also a great opportunity to develop your own coaching skills and spot future talent.

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The Internship

It gave my team an opportunity to mentor and support, which in turn supported their own skills development.

Julie Harbison, Technical Training Manager, Diageo plc.

During the 4-6 week internship, our students come in to work for your company. They get to put their learning into practice in the workplace, but often become valued team members – and even future employees. Offering a Career Ready student an internship gives you the chance to influence a pivotal period in a young person’s life, to identify potential staff and improve your or your employees’ management skills. 

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Career Ready works, it matters, and it makes a difference. Being able to see the difference, and in some cases massive turnaround, in the students from the beginning to the end of the process is humbling. It is amazing to see.

Barry Sewell, UK Service Delivery Leader at RSA and LAB Member at All Saints Catholic High School, Liverpool

The LAB (Local Advisory Board) is the vital link between a school or college and the local business community. Joining the LAB for your local school or college gives you a chance to drive the Career Ready programme and ensure that the skills students are developing meet the requirements of the workplace. Working with the LAB furthers links between your company and the local community and widens your network with local employers.

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Workplace Visits and Workshops

I really enjoyed welcoming students to our business and opening their eyes to what working in engineering is like. We believe that it is vital for the sustainability and success of the whole Northern Ireland engineering sector to develop talented students and future employees so that the sector can compete and grow internationally.

David Condell, Operations Director at McAuley Engineering

Opening your doors to show a group of Career Ready students around your business can have an electrifying effect on your workplace. Explaining your business to students who may never have even been in a work environment before gives you the chance to look at your company in a different way and possibly meet your future employees.

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This is the chance for you, as a volunteer, to meet students in their schools and talk to them directly about your experience and expertise. Our masterclasses are structured to deliver the key Skills for Career Success which underpin the Career Ready programme.  So students gain practical and current employment knowledge as well as inspiration from you.

Delivering a masterclass was good for my own development – it is completely different to presenting at work. Students tend to ask a lot more interesting and unique questions which keeps me on my toes!

Scott MacDonald, CAD Designer at FMC Technologies

Each masterclass is scheduled to last an hour , so you can tell your career story and have a maximum impact on young minds in a minimum amount of time. 

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