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Career Ready is a great opportunity to see our business through the eyes of a young person, who brought energy, asked questions, and allowed us to refocus our thinking going forward - and to identify talent of the future.

Julie Harbison, Technical Training Manager, Diageo plc

This is typical of what we hear from employers. Career Ready is a highly effective way to bridge the gap between education and the world of work, but it can also have a very positive impact on your business. Our participating employers report a range of professional benefits:

Access to a pool of local young talent

Not only can you transform the career prospects of young people, you can engage directly with your future workforce.

Supporting Career Ready also helps the business community to shape and influence the next generation of employees coming into their workplace and I was thrilled that we were recently able to offer one of our work experience students a permanent career opportunity as a Personal Banker.

Debbie Taaffe, Regional Manager Retail, Santander

Developing communication, management and leadership skills

Working with Career Ready students offers low risk, cost effective professional development – with the added feel-good factor of changing a young life.

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The rewards for the company included increased capacity, new insights and most importantly, a sense of determination and positivity in the office.

James Brayshaw, Managing Director of Winshaw

Raising your organisation’s profile within the community

Schools and colleges are the hubs of local communities. Partnering with Career Ready will get your business noticed.

Networking with other local employers

Our LABs (Local Advisory Boards) are comprised of business people from the local community. 

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Fresh Insight

Young people from diverse backgrounds offer a fresh perspective on your business. 

Working with Career Ready gives you the chance to network with other local businesses and develop new relationships and giving your staff the chance to volunteer helps improve staff satisfaction which in turn increases staff retention.

Christian Mancier, Partner, Gorvins Solicitors 

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Working with Young People: Benefits to Business

Research conducted by Freshminds in 2013 into the benefits experienced by both employers and employees from working with Career Ready. 

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