The numbers - the impact

I saw Career Ready as the perfect opportunity to create a pipeline of talented new recruits. I don’t feel that I can complain about a lack of talent or skilled staff if I am unwilling to help in the training and development of young people.

James Brayshaw, Managing Director of Winshaw and LAB member at Windsor Boys' School

Our numbers

  • More than 4,000 volunteers from several hundred employers 
  • Nearly 250 schools and colleges operating Career Ready programmes across the UK 
  • 12,500 students from all parts of the UK currently enrolled on our programmes

Our impact

  • More than 14,000 students have benefitted from the Career Ready programme since 2002 
  • In Scotland, the only place in the UK with comprehensive destination data, 97% of our students went on to a positive destination, of whom 25% went into work or work-based training, 54% are at university and 21% are in further education
  • Career Ready is cited as an example of best practice for employer engagement in the latest government guidance for both schools and colleges, as well as in the latest CBI Scotland report, Delivering Excellence - A New Approach for Schools in Scotland
  • Career Ready in partnership with Business in the Community has been chosen by the Careers and Enterprise Company as one of the organisations to lead the expansion of employer-led careers education across England
  • In 2016 Career Ready won the Motor Transport Award for Partnerships in recognition of our work with Think Logistics to encourage more young people into the sector
  • 20% of businesses who support us have recruited at least one student they met through the Career Ready programme
  • Of the 40 students who completed an internship at Lloyds Banking Group in London in 2015, 19 were offered future employment
  • St James's Place Wealth Management has recruited 22 Career Ready students, saving an estimated £120,000 in agency and advertising costs

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