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Citi have been working with Career Ready students for more than 10 years and have seen the difference walking into an employer and seeing people who look like them can make. Having students in our workplace has also opened our eyes to the talent on our doorsteps. Employers need to be even more forthcoming and make a greater effort to help students open their eyes to the range of careers open to them.


James Bardrick, UK Country Officer, Citi

Career Ready is a UK wide charity linking employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people. 

We offer a structured programme of employer engagement that enables schools and colleges to meet their statutory duty for careers. We have worked with experts in education and business to develop high quality, employer-endorsed materials, which deliver a set of Skills for Career Success to help our students compete with the best in the country.

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Thousands of other students will be applying to the same university or job as me. Being able to say that I was part of Career Ready and completed a six week internship at Santander means that I stand out from others.

Feven Alemayehu Berhanu, student, St Mary’s Catholic Comprehensive School

Career Ready gives students from lower income families the confidence, skills and networks to achieve their potential. Through volunteering for Career Ready employers get a rewarding opportunity to develop their own presenting, coaching and management skills, and find the next generation of talented employees.

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By offering internships we provide opportunities for team members to experience line management, and I’ve found that every time we’ve had interns from the Career Ready programme there has been some kind of breakthrough, that has benefitted us long beyond their leaving.

Barry Sewell, UK BPO Service Delivery Leader at RSA in Liverpool

  • From the private, public and voluntary sectors, we have over a decade of successful working relationships with everyone from small, independent businesses to multi-nationals, such as Citi, Santander, Diageo, AstraZeneca, Freshfields and Lloyds Banking Group.

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Annual Report 2016

The Trustee Report and Financial Statements for 2015-16.

Safeguarding Policy 2016

Due to the nature of Career Ready’s work and our interaction with young people it is important that we have a safeguarding and child protection policy specific to the type of work we do, in order to ensure the best possible protection of young people. T

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